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Accommodation Service

As finding a place to live isn't always easy, the International Office in cooperation with the Hannover Studentenwerk (students' association) and others offer an accommodation service for 


  • international exchange students (NO trainees),
  • international students in special programmes ("Hannover Modell") 
  • for international visiting scientists and international visiting PhDs


Our service is free of charge, and we will help you to find a room or an apartment before coming to Hanover. 

As the International Office only's got a certain number of dormitories for these groups, it follows the rule: "First come, first served"

(FYI: International law exchange students "IT-Law" sent the request from above directly to the International Office. All other international law students must NOT fill in the accommodation request but have to register directly with Ms. Hähnel at the faculty's international office).


Application Deadlines:

  • Summer Semester: 31st January
  • Winter Semester: 31st July

THE FIZZ: Please, apply directly with "THE FIZZ".

Application Form (to be sent to the International Office by mail or email):


  • Please, send your application to the International Office and NOT directly to the "Studentenwerk".


We are looking for accommodation:

Of course, we are glad to receive accommodations offers in order to support international guests at Leibniz Universität Hannover in terms of housing. Here's the application form:



Markus Remmers

tel. +49 511 762 - 4081

fax +49 511 762 - 4090

E-mail zimmervermittlungio.uni-hannover.de