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Online Services of the Leibniz University

Online Services are, by now, essential for all students of the Leibniz University. Stud.IP is not only our e-learning platform, but also the only way to register for language courses and for many other university classes. You can only activate your Stud.IP account with your personal LUH-ID.

The following steps briefly explain how to activate your e-services. More detailed information can be found in the flyer below.

1. Login to the central Login-Page. Your personal LUH-ID can be found on your "Studiendatenblatt" which you receive with your student ID.

2. After logging in, you can activate the online services (WiFi, Stud.IP...).
Further questions can be answered by the eLearning helpdesk under 0511 762-4040 or elearning@uni-hannover.de.

Course registration with Stud.IP (Language and University Courses)

Registration for the language courses is only possible via Stud.IP . Many institutes and faculties of the LUH also require online registration with Stud.IP.

After activation of Stud.IP with your LUH-ID you may use the service. With the button "Veranstaltungen suchen / hinzufügen" it is possible to search and add courses. Please be aware that some courses have deadlines for registration.

Searching can be done by name of the class or if you look through a list of courses offered by a institution of LUH (Language courses are found by clicking on "Suche in Einrichtungen", "Zentrale Einrichtungen" and then "Fachsprachenzentrum")
The Fachsprachenzentrum offer also a guide for registration.

To change the language used to search on Stud.IP from German to English, first log in to the main page. In the upper right corner of the page, click on the word "Einstellungen." This should take you to a page where you can change the settings on the site. To the right of the word "Sprache," click on the drop-down menu and choose "English." Don't forget to "übernehmen" or "apply" these new settings by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Contact with Subject/Faculty Coordinators

Please contact your faculty coordinator after you arrive in Hannover!

Faculty coordinators are responsible for your academic mentoring and can provide important information on your individual subject.
ERASMUS Students are often in need of changing their Learning Agreement after signing up for courses. Information on this can be found here.

Your faculty coordinator can help you furthermore with the best choice of courses.

Opening a Bank Account

"Girokonten" are free of charge checking accounts available for students.
In Germany, paying with your EC-Card is common in many larger shops and restaurants. In addition, the rent must often be paid by bank transfer from one of these accounts (transfer free of charge with Girokonto).

To open a Girokonto, you will need the following documents:

  • you passport
  • the residential registration from the city
  • proof that you are a student

If you need to open a so called Sperrkonto for your visa, please ask directly for this.

Changing the Learning Agreement

During the first month, after the start of the lectures, all changes of your Learning Agreement must be completed.

The third and fourth page of the Learning Agreement is meant for updates (part Learning Agreement Changes, During Mobility). Please add all new courses which you will take and delete all old courses listed which you will not be taking part in it. The Learning Agreement Changes must be signed by your departmental coordinator here at Leibniz Universität Hannover first (you find him on your acceptance letter) and later by the coordinator of your home university (please send a scan of your Learning Agreement Changes to your home university via email to get the signature). After you have all signatures complete please send the final version to Anne Höch (Officer Exchange Incomings)
anne.hoechzuv.uni-hannover.de or hand in a copy to Anne Höch, International Office,
room 012.

Course Registration Form

The course registration form (not to be mistaken for the Learning Agreement) has to be submitted at the International Office, room 012, by end of November in the winter semester and end of May in the summer semester. This document does not serve the granting of ECTS points. It is rather an information for the Prüfungsamt, which courses the particular students will presumably take.

The form has, by all means, to be signed by the responsible university lecturer.

Course Registration Form

Important: Also research projects etc. should be included on the form.

Application for the Transcript of Records and important information before leaving

Please inform yourself in due time before your departure about the application of the Transcript of Records and other important steps. Our information page may be found here: