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Sample Cooperation Agreements

The following page provides various sample cooperation agreements. As long as you abide by these agreements, your contract does not need to be checked by the legal department. If you would like to expand or change your contract to make it better suit your needs, please contact the International Office for advice.

Your contact partner is Dr. Birgit Barden-Läufer.

The International Office requests that you always send us a copy of any contract, as well as changes to existing contracts. Thank you!

General University Contract:

Please use the following sample document for a general university contract. Remember that several faculties must be involved and that the contract must be submitted to the International Office to be signed by the President of the University.

Sample Faculty Contract:

Please use the following sample for an interdisciplinary agreement at the faculty level.

Attachment for Student Exchanges:

The following document outlines the details of the student exchange procedure.



A cotutelle is a binational doctoral agreement. A cotutelle agreement is neither made on faculty level not on institute level, it must be made individually for each PhD student.