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In cooperation with Campus Culture and the Zentrale Einrichtung Lehre, Studium und Weiterbildung, the International Office offers the SeniorStudentPartnership-Program. 

If you are an international student at the Leibniz Universität Hannover of longer stay and no trainee and if:

  • you need assistance with your studies,
  • you are curious to get to know more about culture and every day life in Germany,
  • you are eager to improve your German skills,
  • you need tips for your job-hunting and applications,
  • you would like to have somebody accompany you to appointments;

then you should register for the SeniorStudentPartnership-Program. In the context of this program, you can learn from advanced students and benefit from their experiences and know-how.

There is a regular table taking place on 2nd March, 4th May, 6th July, 7th September and 2nd November, 2017, open to all those who are interested in joining the programme.

Contact: seniorstudentpartnershipzew.uni-hannover.de