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Private accommodation and flat shares

Private rooms and shared apartments

You will find numerous room offers posted on the bulletin boards (“Schwarzes Brett”) in the cafeterias, libraries and institutes. Accommodation is often offered in flat shares (in German: “WG” short for “Wohngemeinschaft”). This means that several people share a flat, generally for reasons of economy. The kitchen and bathroom are usually shared.
There are great differences in rent, depending on the location and size of the flat. A room in a “WG” is generally more expensive than a room in one of the residence halls.

Besides offers for “WG” rooms, you will also find offers for furnished or partly furnished rooms which are let for short time periods (interim tenancy).

On the Studentenwer's webpage, you will find lots of private housing offers which are available for students enrolled at Leibniz Universität Hannover:

Advertisements on the Internet and in the newspapers

Hannover's daily newspapers, Hannoversche Allgemeine and Neue Presse, publish accommodation offers in their Wednesday and Saturday issues. You can also place your own ad – for a fee.

You can search on the following websites, which are highly frequented by German students.