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Dr. Alcigeimes Batista Celeste

Dr. Alcigeimes Batista Celeste

Institute of Water Recourses Management, Hydrology and Agricultural Hydraluic Engineering


Since Oct 2007: Postdoctoral Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Institute of Water Resources Management, Hydrology and Agricultural Hydraulic Engineering (WAWI) of the Leibniz University of Hannover. Research Project: Sustainability within uncertainty – Stochastic approaches for sustainable water resources management in semiarid regions

May 2005 – Jul 2007: Research Fellow at the Department of Civil Engineering, Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil. Research Project: Methodologies for the sustainable operation of the Coremas-Mãe d'Água system, in the semiarid region of the Paraíba State, under hydrological uncertainties. Teaching Activities: Assistant in teaching graduate courses (Planning and Management of Water Resource Systems; Open-Channel Hydraulics)

2004: Dr.Eng. Engineering for Productions (Engineering for Water Environment and Development): Stochastic optimization for integration of long- and short-term reservoir operation models. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ehime University, Japan (16 Sep 2004)

2002: M.Eng. Civil and Environmental Engineering (Engineering for Water Environment and Development): Optimal real-time operation of multipurpose water resource systems using genetic algorithms. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ehime University, Japan (25 Mar 2002)

1999: B.Sc. Civil Engineering: Federal University of Paraíba (Campina Grande), Brazil (22 Apr 1999)