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Cost of living and studies

On average, students in Hannover spend between 800 and 900 Euros a month on general living expenses. With the addition of about 60 Euros for education, the total monthly cost is about 930 Euros.

Please note!

These values are only estimates. This means that real expenses may individually be higher or lower (i.e.: The cost of study materials may vary, depending on the courses you take. Furthermore, having a car isn't much in common for all students.)

Reason of PaymentAmount per month
Rent, additional costs297,00
Public transportation (in Hanover is included in the student card)38,00
Telephone, internet 36,00
Health (Health insurance, Medication, Consultations)66,00
Total costs of living873,00
Total costs of studying/ "Semsterbeitrag" (per month, but the total tution fee has to be paid before semester start, here: Winter term 14/15)
Total costs of living on average933,30


Source et.al.: Studentenwerk Hannover