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Completing a Seminar Paper, Thesis or Practicum at Leibniz Universität Hannover

International students can spend from two to six months (in exceptional cases, 12 months) at one of our institutes in order to complete a seminar paper or thesis, or to take part in a practicum. This time period may begin at the time of your choice provided you have permission from the institute in question. It is not important if you come from one of Leibniz Universität Hannover’s partner universities or not. Many students use the Erasmus program to obtain financial support for their stay in Hannover.

During your stay, you will either work on one of your institute’s research projects or investigate your own topic, which you can then submit to your home university as a seminar paper or thesis. Credit points can be awarded for your work, but you must arrange this with your home university before you come.

Practicum students do not receive a salary.

In principle, it is possible to write a seminar paper or thesis in any subject area, but you must discuss this with your host institute.

For more information about our faculties and institutes, see:

Practica are open only to students of engineering and the natural sciences.

Information on further faculties and institutes:


To apply, send an email directly to the institute where you would like to write your paper or thesis or take part in a practicum. We recommend that you include an academic CV, proof of your academic achievements and a description of the writing project or practicum you would like to work on. This will give your contact partner a picture of you and your plans. If possible, you should also include proof of your German and/or English skills.

Language Skills

Depending on the subject area, knowledge of German is not always required. The institutes of engineering and the natural sciences require only knowledge of English.


During your stay at LUH you can be enrolled. If you are a student from one of our partner universities tuition fees can be waived.

If you have any questions, contact one of the people listed under Application and registration, or email the International Office.

Accommodation and Support

The International Office will be happy to help you find a place to live. Have a look at our Accommodation Service:

You can also apply at Student Services (Studentenwerk) for a room in student housing:

The International Office offers a support package, i.e. pick-up at the airport, etc. To apply for this service, see: