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Choosing your courses

On this page, you will find information about how to find and choose your courses as well as registration information for them.

For an overview of all courses offered in English language, please have a look at this page.

If you are looking for courses to fill in your Learning Agreement, please choose courses from the previous semester or year. Available lectures and seminars for each semester only appear about one month prior the start of the semester. After your arrival in Hannover, you can update your Learning Agreement with the new courses you are taking here.

In general there are three ways to find information about offered courses:

1. Our online course shedule HIS-LSF

2. The "kommentierte Vorlesungsverzeichnisse" of our faculties / institutes

3. The learning management system Stud.IP

In order to register for courses, our faculties mostly use one of these systems:

1. The learning management system Stud.IP

2. Individual (often manuel) procedures of the faculties / institutes

Module Catalog

Next to our course catalogs, the module catalogs are a good source of information for your Learning Agreement or a first glance at our teaching program. Usually one module consists of two courses (lectures, seminars...). Please be aware that not all courses of a module are offered each semester! This should not be a problem for your Learning Agreement. If you will be doing a research project here, please put in "research project" and the name of your supervisor here at LUH.

We provided the module catalogs of many of our subjects on the following webpage. Please be aware that most of the catlogs are only available in the German language: Modulkataloge

Please find a catalogue of all lectures/modules that are taught in English under the link below. Please notice that this should be considered as an orientation (the lectures of the upcoming semesters are released some weeks before the relevant semester starts!): 

Courses and modules in English (academic year 2016/17)

Finding your courses

1. The online course shedule HIS-LSF

On the webpage https://qis.verwaltung.uni-hannover.de/  you will find a course shedule of all  institutes and faculties of the Leibniz Universität Hannover. This page is available in German and English. A list of offered courses can be found in the column "Vorlesungsverzeichnis/Course Overview". For a more specific search, please folow these steps:

  • In order to find courses, please click on "Courses" and then on "Search for Lecutures". You have to choose a department on the page. This can be a certain faculty or institute or even all faculties at once. Please make sure to click on "commit choice (all branches)".
  • In the field "curricula," you may mark your field of study in order to limit the courses shown to the ones available for your subject.
  • If you wish to see only courses in a certain teaching language, you may choose one in the "Language of instruction" option.

2. "Kommentierte Vorlesungsverzeichnisse" of the faculties ans institutes

All faculties and institutes draft "kommentierte Vorlesungsverzeichnisse (KVV)." This translates to "commented university calender." These booklets can be found at different places in the institutes as well as on the webpages of the faculties or institutes. Please be aware that some KVVs will not be published until a few weeks before courses start. Otherwise, they provide the most comprehensive information collection about courses and registration in the faculty/institute. Be aware that most KVVs are only available in German.

3. The online learning platform Stud.IP

After setting up your account during the orientation days you can see a list of all courses also in Stud.IP. Information on our learning management system will be provided during orientation and can also be found on the e-learning homepage of the Leibniz University.

Registration for courses

Official registration for courses at the Leibniz Unviersity is possible after your immatriculation during the Welcome Reception. Further information on prerequesites for classes can be found in the comments of the courses.

1. The learning management system Stud.Ip

Nearly all institutes and faculties use Stud.IP as their main registration tool for lectures, seminars and other courses. You will be able to register for courses after your account for Stud.IP has been initiated during Orientation Days. You will find also find a class shedule Stud.IP. Information on our learning management system will be provided during the orientation days and can also be found on the e-learning homepage of the Leibniz University.

2. Individual procedures of the faculties / institutes

Some faculties and institutes have different registration processes for their courses. This is more or less mentioned in the course commentary. If you have questions about these processes, please contact your exchange coordinator at the specific institue / facutly.