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Contact via Telephone/Fax/E-Mail

Tel.: +49 511 762 2548
Fax: +49 511 762 4090

E-Mail: internationalofficeuni-hannover.de

General Advice at the International Office:

Monday to Friday 9 am - 12 am and 2 pm - 4 pm.

From 12 am - 2 pm closed.

The international office is closed on Friday, February 9th 2018!



Postal Address

Leibniz Universität Hannover

Hochschulbüro für Internationales

Postfach 6009

30060 Hannover

Advice and Information ServiceCenter


Please visit our ServiceCenter for information about studies, information material and forms:

Monday to Thursday

10 am - 5 pm


10 am - 3 pm

Our Service-Hotline: 762-2020 provides you with information about studies, application, admission, contact persons and much more.

Advice for Foreign Students at the ServiceCenter

General information for foreign students, postgraduates and visiting scientists regarding finance, visa, accommodation etc.can be given at the following times:


11am - 1pm 

Guidance and advice of foreign students, postgraduates and visiting scientist


2pm - 4pm


2pm - 4pm

Please note: in the semester break the consultation-hours are ONLY on Wednesday from 2pm until 4pm!!!!

Consulting hours for ERASMUS Incomings, exchange students


11am - 1pm 

ERASMUS Incomings, exchange students

Application and Admission for Foreign Students

Application and admission for foreign students will be affected by the Registration Office "Admissions." Please address your questions to our colleagues in the ServiceCenter (Main Building) .