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Student Jobs

Legal requirements

As an international student, your opportunities to work are determined by your residency permit status:

Participants in a German language course or a “Studienkolleg” while their first year are allowed to work only during holidays.

Students from EU countries, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland are allowed to work according to the same rules which apply to German students. From May 1st, 2011, transitional regulations for citizens from 'new' EU countries don't exist any more.

Sine August 1st, 2012, international students from non-EU countries who are in their specialist studies are allowed to work 120 whole or 240 half-days.

These regulations do NOT apply if you are employed as a tutor or student assistant at the university or Studentenwerk: in this case, you are allowed to work 86 hours per month.

Student assistants

Look out for job announcements for student assistants (Hiwi) or tutors, talk to the faculties’ secretaries and search on the Internet. Hiwis earn 9 Euros per hour. The employment contract covers a maximum of 86 hours a month.

Job placement service

The Arbeitsagentur Hannover (Employment Agency) offers a placement service for students. They mediate job offers in restaurants, bars and companies on a part-time and temporary basis.

Make sure you take the following with you to the Arbeitsagentur:

  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Valid passport

Working at trade fairs

The trade fairs in Hannover offer great job opportunities in the areas of fair construction (building and dismantling) and customer service.

Find further information at the following links and addresses:

Job agencies

Where else can I find student jobs ?

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