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Study at Leibniz University of Hannover: Information for ISEP students

If you come from one of the ISEP partner universities of the Leibniz Universität Hannover you can spend a semester or an academic year in Hannover. Please apply at your home university for the ISEP program first. Before you put Leibniz University of Hannover on your host request list, please check if your field of study is offered in Hannover and take a look at our study range. Please note that applicants must have and prove German language skills if they intend to take classes in German. Otherwise the applicant should choose English courses only. Please take a look into the university calendar  for choosing suitable courses. Furthermore, you can check this brochure for Incoming students:

    After your university has nominated you as an exchange student, please undertake the following steps:

    Step 1: Online Application

    Please fill in our Online Application. After completing your data, you will see an overview in which you can check the submitted information again and make corrections if necessary. Only fields with a * are mandatory. After submitting your data, a PDF-document will open with your application form. Please print this document.

    • In section “preferred stay” you will be asked to specify your Exchange program, You will not find your home institution due to technical reasons. Please tick any University, print the application, fill in (handwritten) your home institution.
    • The date of arrival is not fixed. It can be changed later.

    • For your stay (duration), fill in the following dates:

      • Sommersemester (summer term): 01.04. – 31.07 or 31.08. for US students (April 1st until July or August 31st);

      • Wintersemester (winter term): 01.10. – 28.02. (October 10th until February 28th).

    Have your online aplication signed and stamped by your exchange coordinator of your home university, if possible. Scan the online application for electronic submission and please convert it into a pdf file and send it to us.

    Step 2: Learning Agreement

    Please select courses of one subject only. This subject should be related to your field of study in your home university. Do not mix courses from different schools (e.g. German Literature and business administration). Please check our online university calendar for courses that you wish to attend.

    The learning agreement is not equal to your ISEP course request list!

    Step 3 : Language Skills

    Please check in advance in which language your courses are offered. Please note that we only accept applications in which sufficient language skills (intermediate German knowledge that is B2 according to CEFR and/or in some fields of study English). Please be aware that most courses are held in German.

    Even if you attend English Courses only, please indicate your English language skills. If English is your mother tongue, please submit your university entrance diploma.

     Step 4: Submit your documents

    Please convert your documents into a pdf file.

    Submit your documents via emal and send them to

    ISEPBewerbungzuv.uni-hannover.de and Anne.Hoechzuv.uni-hannover.de

    Feel free to download a checklist for the application of incoming ISEP students:

    Please make sure all documents will reach us via mail not later then May 31st of each year for the following winter semester or December 15th if you wish to study here in the summer semester.