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Enrollment as a Ph.D. Student at Leibniz Universität Hannover

as degree seeking PhD student

According to the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act, doctoral candidates must register as Ph.D. students (NHG § 9 Paragraph 2 Sentence 3). This also applies to doctoral candidates with an employee relationship to the Leibniz Universität Hannover (e.g. research staff).


The Enrollment as a Ph.D. student provides a lot of advantages:

  • StudentID with transport ticket (Semesterticket)
  • lower registration fees
  • Reduction at the refectory, but also in theater, opera, cinema and much more.
  • accident insurance in the ground of the university.

First, you need a confirmation document from your faculty, that you are accepted as a Ph.D. student:

form for Ph.D. who stay in Hannover for all the time of their doctorat


After you have been officially accepted as a doctoral candidate by our faculty, you may register at the Registration Office using an online application form:

Online-Enrollment form

as visiting PhD

Enrollment as Visiting Ph.D. students for one or two semester is possible since the Winter Semester 2012 / 13.

PhD students who stays in Hannover vor less than one semester can receive a Gästecard at the International Office, which give you following advantages:

  • Reduction at the canteen (employee price instead of visitor price)
  • Access to the library
  • Access to the courses from the sport center

Registration for the Gästecard

PhD students who are staying between one and two semester in Hannover, can register as a regular visiting PhD student. The registration system is the same as for degree seeking PhDs.

You first need to be accepted by the Faculty of your host institute.

confirmation form from the Faculty for Visiting Ph.D

After you receive the confirmation form from the faculty, you have to fill the following online form to complete your registration.



If you have questions or problems filling out the online enrollment form, you can contact us at:


Solenne Schwanemann