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As an international student, you will be entitled to a government student loan only in exceptional cases. You may be entitled if you are

  • a stateless foreigner;
  • an asylum seeker;
  • a refugee

or if

  • one of your parents is German;
  • you were granted the right to residency as a child;
  • you or your parents have worked in Germany for a specific time.

Furthermore, you must show financial need (this means you must prove that your own income and/or capital, that of your parents, or that of your spouse is not sufficient to finance your studies).

Gesetzestext (Legal Information: BAfoeG)

For the first study program, the cost of living is guaranteed. 50% will be covered by a grant and 50% as an interest-free loan. According to §8, para. 1 of the BAfoeG Law, this support is (...) guaranteed for foreign students who, in addition to financial need, also fulfil one of the following conditions:

  1. They are stateless foreigners entitled to live in Germany under the Law Concerning the Legal Position of Stateless Foreigners Within German Territory.
  2. They have taken up permanent residency in Germany and have been recognized as entitled to political asylum under the German laws governing asylum seekers.
  3. They have been recognized as refugees under the Law Concerning Humanitarian Aid for Refugees and have their usual place of residency in Germany or have been recognized as refugees outside Germany but have their usual place of residency in Germany and have been recognized under the Agreement on the Legal Position of Refugees and are not merely temporarily entitled to residency in Germany.
  4. They are foreigners with permanent residency in Germany and have one parent who is a German as defined in the Constitution.
  5. They are EU or EEC citizens and have worked in Germany before the beginning of the study period. The work must be directly related to the study program.
  6. They are foreigners who, as children, were guaranteed freedom of movement and the right to reside in Germany according to the residency laws outlined by the European Economic Community (with the exception of Swiss subjects).
  7. They have lived in the Federal Republic of Germany for five years previous to the beginning of the study program and have had legal employment.
  8. At least one parent has been legally employed in Germany for a minimum of three years before the beginning of the student's financial support period.


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