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...before leaving

  • Transcript of Records (see information below)
  • Certificate or Confirmation of stay (to be signed only by the Incomings exchange coordinator (Anne Höch) and not by the departmental coordinators at the faculties/institutes)
  • Any further documents which are required by your home institution


  • Cancel your liability and your health insurance if you have bought one in Germany at the beginning of your exchange studies.
  • Go to the citizen centre and get yourself a de-registration. Please pay attention to the following information: https://bbs.hannover-stadt.de/vv/produkte/150010100000004542.php
  • Do not forget to make an appointment for moving out with your landlord.

Please make an appointment by e-mail or phone.

Transcript of Records

The Transcripts of Records (ToR) at the Leibniz University are usually issued by the faculties or institutes. For example, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape and the Faculty of Economics will issue all Transcripts of Records by themselves. Please contact your faculty-coordinator there for more information. If you are in doubt, please check with your faculty-coordinator if he/she or the International Office will issue the ToR.

In order to receive a Transcript of Records from the International Office, we need the Transcript of Records Request Form found below and certificates from each course. Please hand in all documents at once.
You may use the certificate template we offer as a download below or use the one your individual faculty provides (Please hand only copies in).
Please be aware, we can only add courses to your Transcript of Records for which you received a grade as well as Credit Points (CP, LP or ECTS points).

Please hand in only the complete request form together with the copies of the certificates! Incomplete forms can't be accepted!

If you were not able to collect all course-certificates and grades before you leave, please send us copies together with the Request Form per mail, email or fax.

We will send you the Transcript of Records per mail to the address you provide on the application.

Anne Höch
Hochschulbüro für Internationales
Welfengarten 1a
D - 30167 Hannover

  Tel. +49 511.762 - 5480
  Fax +49 511.762 - 4090 

E-mail anne.hoech@zuv.uni-hannover.de